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Customer alignment

Take Action

The Take Action score is calculated based on three elements:

  1. The size of the detractor/ negative vote for a particular factor relative to other detractor / negative votes. The larger the proportion of the total detractor / negative vote, the higher the score.
  2. The gap between the detractor / negative vote for a factor and the promoter / positive vote for that factor. The bigger the gap, the higher the score. So if there are two factors with the same large detractor / negative vote, the one with fewer promoter / positive votes to compensate will be higher up the list of action priorities.
  3. The amount of voting that a factor has received. The more votes, the higher the action score will be.

The Action score is expressed in the context of 100%. It is like your audience saying to you: "If you had 100 extra hours to spend in order to make the website or app better, here's how I'd like you to spend them." In the above example, at 24%, the number one factor where customers would like to see action taken is in creating a more seamless experience. There is significant frustration that the customer experience is disjointed.